FolioProjects provides a centralized platform for optimizing project performance with the support of artificial intelligence. Broadcast projects on your smart screen, website, and virtually any surface. Enhance your current communication methods with this level of detail while monitoring activity, performance, and other statistics.

Better Than A Review, Resume, Or Receipt. One unique feature available on FolioProjects, is our easy-to-understand color rating indicator system called HueFlux. Sentiments submitted by project participants are calculated, resulting in one of seven colors indicating project performance. This provides an optional reference for analysis by AI and other stakeholders. Group projects into portfolios and monitor their collective performance like a dashboard.

An intuitive interface for collecting and sharing project details, conveying context, purpose, and scope to custom audiences. The more data you add to a project, the more insights are avaialble for stakeholders like AI. Define tasks, specify location, invite participants, and track assets like people, food, infrastructure, and products. Finally, you have tools for managing project performance with HueFlux, AI and Automation.


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Apply to RFPs and include your custom portfolio of relevant projects. Alternatively, create a project showcasing your plan for fulfillment including tasks, timelines, and participants. Either way, monitor statistics like visitor interaction with content you share.

Dial your operations up and down based on real world business operations. Find the best employee, contractor, or other assets based on their record of performance. You dictate the parameters like location, certifications, etc. Artificial Intelligence will help you to fill vacancies with the best resource based on your goals.

Keep your customers informed about the progress of their project. Great solution for in-person meetings when printed. Share individual projects or share the entire portfolio with the customer.

Share updates about your products like recalls, new versions, and specials easily. Simply print your portfolio QR code onto your product. Stay in contact with your customers about specific products and versions years into the future, by allowing them to scan at their convenience.

Track your company assets like tools, vehicles, and buildings within projects. Confirm availability and showcase how each asset contributes to your operations. Share this information in a range of ways including showing a broadcast feed on any internet connected smart screen.

FolioProjects supports Public Asset Management. Share a transparent view into government projects for all stakeholders. FolioProjects provides a single tool for communicating with residents and relevant stakeholders about projects. Share details like timeframe, budget, contact options, and participants.

HueFlux captures sentiments from those affected by projects, as well as those participating directly in its execution. Allow residents to search, learn, and share sentiments about projects that impact them.

Showcase project updates on your websites using iframes, broadcast on smart screens using your feed, share links online, or print QR codes on any material. Through statistics and reports, monitor if and how people are interacting with your content.

Track government assets and the projects they are involved in. Confirm availability and understand how each component contributes to your operations.

Take your resume to a new level with referential proof of your experience. Create projects with details like timelines and tasks. Ask team members to confirm involvement in your projects, as further proof. Monitor statistics like viewer interaction.

This technology can be used for your pets, bike, house, car, and other important aspects of your life that engage in projects. Retain details about them for your own records, or share with stakeholders like veterinarians, police, and repairmen when needed. This is a great way to identify the owner of lost, for sale, and stolen items.

Optimize the life, performance, and value of your assets like pets, cars, and houses. Get notified of recalls, virus threats, and other issues affecting your assets. Record every expert visit and the results. Share this information with other experts or future owners. Finally, you are able to track and analyze your own assets. Experts you hire to evaluate your assets and future owners value this type of information. In cases of assets like airplanes, this information comprises a large portion of the asset's value.

Create dashboards, evaluate risk, coordinate assets, and communicate updates. FolioProjects supports a range of use cases including:

  • Announcements
  • Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
  • Demand Planning
  • Identification
  • Job Posts
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Project Portfolio Management (PPM)
  • Quotes
  • Receipts
  • References
  • Request For Proposals (RFP)
  • Resumes
  • Service Level Monitoring

HueFlux Rating System

There are 7 possible color ratings you may see on projects and portfolios. This provides an easy and quick way to understand what's happening in a project or portfolio.

Overall Positive

Both project members and observers voted mostly positive (calculated)

Observers Voted Negatively

Project members voted positive but observers didn't (calculated)

Project Members Voted Negative

Observers voted positively but the members didn't (calculated)

Postive Observer Votes

Only project observers have voted and its mostly positive (submitted)

Positive Member Votes

Only members have voted and it's mostly positive (submitted)

It's Bad

However the votes are tallied, the end result is negative (submitted/calculated)

No Votes

Insufficient votes from members or observers

The HueFlux formula changes depending on the type of project you use. Learn more by clicking the project's pop-up below


This platform supports the monitoring and sharing of projects in a few ways.

Group Projects
Track Interactions
Enterprise Asset Management
Live HueFlux Ratings
Optional Machine Learning
Measure Performmance