FolioProjects is an AI Project Portfolio Management platform with Enterprise Asset Management. This platform helps you to analyze, optimize, and share the performance of assets like people, animals, and equipment.

  • Assets: Manage tangible assets including houses, vehicles, and pets within projects.
  • AI: Optionally choose between machine learning models for project assistance.
  • HueFlux: An easy to understand color rating system showcasing project performance in real-time.
  • Broadcast: Show the live HueFlux rating of a project or portfolio on any smart screen.
  • Visitor Analytics: Monitor the popularity of your projects and portfolios

Most content on FolioProjects requires that you are a registered user to view. Registration is quick and easy.

Pay as you go. Purchases are drawn from your account balance. Fund your account for as little as $10 USD. Prices differ based on many factors including your account location.

No. Once you pay for a project, its available until you delete it.

Yes. You can search for #terms, @users, and *locations based on their privacy settings.

Not yet, we are working on it.

Our system is designed to be intuitive for most users. If your business is big enough to need the services of a PM, we have partnered with Beyond Programs Ltd to provide you with access to PMs near you who are certified to use this platform.